R.I.P. Meatball, 2009-2019

I miss that wonderful dog so much

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If it’s okay with everyone, I’m going to share some of my favorite Meatball photos/videos/moments in this thread.

It started when a friend of mine sent me an email in August 2014 about a dog she saw at a shelter/rescue event. The dog’s official name was “Honey.”

Within 2 days, I’d adopted her. She had an unbelievable amount of energy, a giant heart, and several missing teeth.

The foster family she was staying with had re-named her Meatball on account of her giant gut (they originally thought she was pregnant, but it turns out she just had a permanently distended belly). The running theory was that she was used in a puppy mill. She was found as a stray

We quickly learned that she didn’t like the cone of shame, did like wearing shirts, and was just a generally fun-loving little monster.

Her hobbies included stealing food off of plates if we accidentally left them where she should reach

She had a very specific strategy to avoid doing things she didn’t want to

Very specific

And she LOVED belly rubs

She had a habit of photobombing

She was good with kids, as shown last year when Kayla’s niece came to visit

And was never shy about giving out kisses

An expert at begging for food

Seriously, expert

But her favorite thing was riding in a car with the top down

The way she’d look up at the sky in just absolute wonder...

And she was always just such a bundle of joy. Look, even when getting her nails trimmed:

Here she is, winning my dad over

We brought her to a party at a friend’s place a while back. She immediately made everyone bust out in smiles.
Within like 20 minutes, I looked over and people were holding her

And she always knew where the camera was. Photos with Kayla, my sister, my mom, and my mom/me/sister/dad

She supported local businesses. Like the neighborhood pet store (which she’s make us stop by even if they weren’t open yet)

She was the unofficial quality control pup for the local dog treat truck

Big fan of Christmas

Didn’t mind snow

It definitely not a fan of super cold conditions

We used to go to this place in Wisconsin every year around this time where she could run off-leash

She loved it there. I really want to believe that this is the type of place she is now, even if that sounds ridiculous

Barking at llamas

She had some friends

Most importantly, she is, was, and will always be family

But then around May, something went wrong.

She stopped wanting to go on walks, began refusing to go up or down stairs, and actively resisted being moved.

Her tail stopped wagging. While she was losing weight everywhere else, she was gaining it in her stomach

And then she suddenly lost her eyesight. Completely. She tried to fake it for a bit. She got confused. She’d sit and stare where she thought we were, and so we started going to doctors in hopes of finding out what’s wrong.

Tests weren’t coming back with anything, she had an ultrasound with a specialist that didn’t turn up anything, and she recently spent 3 nights at the animal hospital to figure out what was wrong.

She was in kidney failure.

We gave her subcutaneous fluids twice a day, but the best we could hope for was that her condition would remain the same. She’d never get better.

Her personality had changed. She couldn’t see, she struggled to walk, she was always tired, she didn’t want to eat, she didn’t want to drink.

She was miserable.

And it just kept getting worse.

It was clear things were only getting worse. She couldn’t even get comfortable when trying to sleep.

And so today... we had to do what was right for her.

And so we said our goodbyes today.

My heart is crushed. I can’t remember ever feeling so sad. I already miss Meatball so much. She was only 10. She deserved better.

But this is how I’ll always remember her: staring up at the clouds with total wonder.

I love her and I miss her so much already.

In one funny final act of extremely on-brand defiance, after being injected with the first of two shots at the vet today, Meatball let out a massive fart, giving us one last laugh.

In any case, thank you to everyone for the kind words/texts/replies/DMs. They mean a lot to me, and I’m sure it would have made Meatball really happy to know how much joy she brought to people who she’d never even met.

She was a very good dog. One of a kind.

I might be out of sorts for a bit, but I’m trying my best. Goodnight, all.